"In a still photograph you basically have two variables, where you stand and when you press the shutter. That's all you have."

Henry Wessel

"In black and white photographs I'm no longer distracted by color, rather, I follow the composition and the emotion of the image. Composition becomes paramount because you're left with just lines, shapes, space, and void. Black and white photographs are like thoughtful persuasions in letting the eye wander through the image and imagine the thought process of the photographer. When done right, black and white photographs "pulls" me into the image. As I study each one for a time and as I continue looking I find I have missed another detail to the story. As if I have seen the image again for the first time."

Desi Baytan

"A picture is defined twice. When you see the whole at first glance. And then when you find a detail that changes everything." 

— Wim Wenders

“It can happen anytime anywhere. You don’t have to be in front of stuff that’s gonna to make a good photograph. It’s possible anywhere!”

Henry Wessel

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